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Doberman Puppy Litter – OCT 2018

Blue Blue ( Ironically was code named purple) is our one of our beautiful red and tan doberman girls in the litter. She is staying in Sunshine cost, BC and will be on her way to explore beautiful land in Mongolia. Weight: ---  Crop:  Long Show Crop DOB:  OCT 14th,...

Real Sample of a Bad Cropping Job

This is a story that was posted on Dec 30th, 2018.The text below is exactly as what the owner wrote. (except  fixing a few spellings ) Story of my ear cropping nightmare... Our girl had her ears supposedly cropped by the breeders vet somewhere around Anderson, SC. I...

What to feed your young puppy? (3, 4, 5 week old )

What to feed your young puppy? If you are breeding your dog or helping a puppy that lost its parents here what I recommend to use to feed them during week 3, week 4 and week 5. Of course, during the first 3 weeks, the best alternative to their mother's milk is puppy...

Why doberman is not used as a police or military dog?

Police and military use German shepherds mostly instead of Doberman breed. This does not make German shepherds any smarter than Dobermans. the reason lies within the following points: Dobermans started falling out of favor as Police and military working dogs before...

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