Feeding Your Doberman

Recommended food

Purina One “Lamb and Rice”

I should mention that we do not receive any incentive from Purina “Nestle” company for this review. It is based on our experience.
Over the years we found Purina pro lamb and rice to works extremely well for many breeds including Dobermans. It works great on their stomach and also provide a really nice shiny coat. It has all the right ingredients for your dog or puppy.
Puppy age: When you have a puppy we recommend feeding a bit more. All our dogs are free fed. If you are not free feeding, we recommend you not to measure their daily intake. when you notice they are getting overweight decrease their food. Every dog metabolism is different, and they may need different amount of food to maintain their weight.
Note: We found Purina puppy food to be extremely bad, your dog is almost guaranteed to get diarrhea and stomach issue. the regular Purina food works great even for puppies.

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