How to prepare for your new Doberman Pinscher Puppy?

I am hoping this guide comes in handy if it is your first time living with a Doberman pinscher puppy. You should take into account the growth factor, and the sharp teethes your new Doberman Puppy has before buying any material for them.  I do not recommend any particular brand, and usually, favor the most usable product that is reasonably priced over brand names.  

Item: Dog Crate

A dog crate is a handy item. You will need one to potty train your dog, and your dog feels safe in its crate. A crate should be Just large enough for a dog to sit, turn around and sleep. A Just large enough crate will give a safe feeling to your dog.
Since crate is an item that will stay with you for years, I m providing you with the dimensions based on a grown Doberman.

Crate for a Doberman Male

33 inch in height or more. ( called XL crate )


Crate for a Doberman Female

30 inch in height or more. ( called L crate )

When buying a crate for a puppy, make sure it includes an optional divider pane. A divider helps you to decrease the size when the puppy is smaller; It is also useful when it comes to potty training your puppy.

XL Crate

L Crate

Purina Lamb and Rice

DINO Bones


We free feed our dogs and puppies with Purina Lamb and Rice. ( regular not the puppy version) i found alot of dogs to have issues with the puppy version.


Add ons:

  • I recommend Raw Lamb diet. ( frozen available from your local pet shop)
  • DINO Bones. 
  • Better Alternative to Dino bone are frozen raw bone at your local pet-store for half the price.

Neater Feeder

 Feeding Bowls

Neater Feeder is a great bowl for dogs and prevent water spills around the house.
Do not get leg extensions for it. its better for the bowl to be closer to ground. the default height of neater feeder is great for your dog. It is less likely for your dog to get a bloat with a low feeding bowl.

    Item: Dog Nail Clipper / Nail Grinder 


    Its best practice to start trimming your puppy nail from an early age. It will be much harder to start when your puppy is a few months old.

    Nail clippers are generally cheaper and easier to use.  Your dog may prefer one to another.

    Our Personal Favourite

    Clipper with Guard

    XL Training Pads

    Waste Bags

    Item: Pee Pads / Training Pads

    Pee pads are helpful if you have an 8-week old puppy. It helps you during nights, when you are leaving the house and for occasions when you do not notice your dogs need to pee.


    I would recommend buying the largest size possible. The largest I have found at a reasonable price is from Walmart.
    Walmart x-large pee pad size: ( 26X30 in ) ( 66X76 cm )

    Pee pads are:

    • Leak-proof
    • absorbent
    • odor neutralize
    • and they attract your puppy to pee on them.

     Item: Dog Seat Cover + Barriers


    If you are really picky about your car. it prevent chewing, muddy or wet paws feets, etc

    Seat Cover

    Pet barriers

    Prong Collar

    Martingales Collar

    Item: Collars


    Prong Collars
    Prong Herm Springer Collars for training only.

    Martingales Collars
    Martingales collars with chain. the noise from chain provides feedback to your dog.

    Choke Chains
    even though it sounds cruel, it is on of the best and easiest type of collar on your dog neck. pressure is applied all around the neck.

     Item: Dog Seat Cover + Barriers


    If you are really picky about your car. it prevent chewing, muddy or wet paws feets, etc

    Seat Cover

    Pet barriers

    Kong Ball

    Kong Toy

    Kong Chew toy

    Item: Toys


    Kong Extreme (black) series
    are some of the best toys that will last you forever.,

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