About Us

Dog breeder in Greater Vancouver
Since 2011

Breeding quality Dogs

Our History

I have been breeding dogs on and off since early 1990 when I was a teen. Because of the love and passion, I have for dogs and the experience I have gathered throughout years of dealing with dogs, I have decided to get into breeding dogs professionally.

The dogs we have have been genetically tested. We also do our health checks to make sure they are healthy and produce healthy and quality puppies for you.

Why should you get your puppy from us?

You should get your puppy from us because:

1-  Quality puppies

2- Our puppies are raised indoor first few weeks and outdoor/indoor afterward. They are socialized with other animals.

3- Our dogs are healthy and get to run freely in our 5-Acres land land.

4- Breeder support

  • Contact us with any question about your puppy
  • If you can not take care of your puppy at any point, you can give it to us. We will find them a new home. ( move because of work, financial issues, etc )
  • Help with posting, and teaching you how to post your Doberman ears.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Purifying breeds and developing quality dogs with sound temperaments.

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can not kepp your pet?

We are a hobby kennel. We don't accept walk-ins.