What material do you need to post your Doberman Pinscher Puppy?  (Backer Rod Method)

The idea of posting is to hold the ears up until ear cartilage is hard enough to support the ears weight by itself. There are many posting methods, however the backer rod posting method is our favourite method. we found backer rod ear posting method to be friendly to the dogs and also easy to do for the owners.

Backer Rod

You can source backer rod from your local Hardware store. (Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, Canadian Tire, etc)

Size ( Depend of the age of your puppy)

up to 2.5 months:  3/8 inch  (3 ft)
2.5 ~ 4 months:  5/8 inch thickness  (6 ft)
Older than 4 months:  3/4 inch (6 ~ 10 ft)

depending on the type of crop and the puppy itself, sizes may vary slightly. 
you only need about 2 ~ 3 feet for every month you are posting.

Link to Back rods on Amazon:


Duck tape or Duct Tape

Duck tape is used to strengthen the backer rod.

    Medical Breathable Tape 

     We use Johnson and Johnson Zonas medical breathable tape.
    you probably need one or two roll per month.

    Torbot Skin Bonding cement

    Using skin bonding cement make the posts last longer. and saves you a lot of time changing the posts. 
    ** posts need to be changed at least every two weeks to clean the ears and prevent infection. or when they get Wet.

    Moleskin Padding

    Moleskin paddings gives extra support to the ears and makes a better shape for the ears.

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