Dog Training

My Training Method

I truly belivee all positive training DOES NOT WORK.

The majority of trainers in the industry lack firsthand experience working with dogs, particularly those engaged in active roles. Successful dog raising and training require a deep understanding of canine nature, encompassing concepts like alpha behavior, pack leadership, expectations, and the dynamics of punishment and rewards.

If you strongly advocate for an exclusively positive training approach, my class may not align with your preferences. While it’s possible to train a very gentle breed like the Golden Retriever using entirely positive methods, such an approach often proves inadequate for working breeds with high drive.


I only train dogs that are younger than 5 months of age. I recommend starting training no later than 3 months of age.

If you haven’t already started your dog training at 6 months of age. you will need to find a fulltime dog trainer. I only teach my experience as a hobby.

My availability for dog training is limited. I recommend reserving in advanced. I can only accommodate 1 ~ 2 class per month into my schedule.

Basic Obedience:

Private Lesson 4 Session

Basic Obedience i will teach you how to train your dog to sit, down, calm down, be submissive, and recall their name and walking on leash. 
Class is once a week, so dog owners can practice the commands with their dogs. Classes are done outside, weather appropriate clothing recommended. appropriate age to start basic obedience is 3 ~ 4 months of age.

Puppy Training
Private lesson 4 session

in our puppy class, 
I will teach you fundamental of crate training, potty training, preventing biting, stopping puppies from jumping, and an introduction to basic obedience.

Puppy Group Class
4 Sessions, in small Groups

Classes start 4 times a year.

Basic Obedience Group Class
4 Sessions, in small Groups

Classes start beginning of each month

Puppy + Obedience Combo Private

Classes start beginning of each month.

Puppy + Obedience Combo Group Class


Classes start beginning of each month

Agression and Bite Issues


Private class only ~ 10 Session minimum. more may be required. This for when you are extremnly late for training and you are at a stage that your dog atatcks and bites people.

We are a hobby kennel. We don't accept walk-ins.