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This is a story that was posted on Dec 30th, 2018.
The text below is exactly as what the owner wrote. (except  fixing a few spellings )

Story of my ear cropping nightmare…

Our girl had her ears supposedly cropped by the breeders vet somewhere around Anderson, SC. I will post which vet after I talk to them Monday..

So I pick up Cora last Saturday excited as ever thinking we would have a nice crop etc etc. Cora is a beautiful 9 week old puppy and seemingly everything is good, being that I’ve never had a dobe of my own and never had any experience with crops. So we get home and the wife notices a smell, I notice a smell and other family that met her noticed a smell. Thought it was from food on the cone around her head. Anyways fast forward to Friday when I took her to the vet around me who has some extensive cropping experience and he confirms what I thought might be true but didn’t want to think or admit it. Severely infected. Plus the SC vet did not cut the ears even, too short, and just looked butchered. They also used WIRE on my poor girls ears to stitch the wounds. Seriously looked like it was done in someone’s bathroom. At this point I’m just hoping she will be okay and they can fix the infection and get the wire out, which after 2 more weeks of this cone and wire and Antibiotics and 200 dollar antibiotic/anti inflammatory cream, pain pills and other meds they will have to sedate Cora and take out the wire, then wait a few more days and start posting.


I wish I had the money to hire a lawyer to get this “vets” license taken or something, anything..

My vet says he sees it all too often and that cropping is a dying art. It’s unfortunate really. If advocates would just keep their mouths shut maybe there would be more cropping happening and people wouldn’t have to resort to vets that don’t know what the hell they are doing.

Any advice is welcomed.

Doberman cropping
Doberman cropping

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