What to feed your young puppy?

If you are breeding your dog or helping a puppy that lost its parents here what I recommend to use to feed them during week 3, week 4 and week 5. Of course, during the first 3 weeks, the best alternative to their mother’s milk is puppy formula. Puppy formulas have nutrients that your puppy needs, also help them become immune to some diseases.

I have shown the process I use in the video above.

Feed the puppies 4 ~ 5 times a day during week 3, and it can go to as low as 3 times a day during week 5.

For this food you need:

  • Puppy Formula
  • Royal Canine Development Puppy Food
  • Boiled Water ( set it cool down a little )

Boiled water kill germs and bacteria causing puppies to get sick. It also helps solve the formula easier, and chlorine will get out of the water. If you live in an area where your tap water is not drinkable, please use human grade water when puppies are very young and have a low tolerance for bacteria and diseases.


After mixing the food please let it sit for a few minutes so the formula gets soaked into the food. making it softer and easier to digest for the puppies.

Following my method also help your puppies to hydrate. by drinking the water mixed in their food.

Please remember:

If your dog is still capable of nursing, allow her to nurse the puppies on top of eating this food. This food should not be a substitute for their mother’s milk.


I am a Doberman dog breeder in Vancouver, BC, Canada.




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