COI, Appearance& Working Ability


What does low COI means when it comes to appearance and performance

Low COI = High Diversity

Low COI means high diversity in DNA. Dobermans are inbred for many generations to produce specific appearance for Show dogs, and specific behaviour for working lines. Generally speaking, all American Show-lines are very closely related together, all large European show-lines are closely related together and most working lines are closely related together.  That the best a Doberman breeder can get to produce a show-line or working line is in 30’s COI. For example, majority of European show-line are mid-high 40s. with extreme research and careful breeding we may be able to lower it by 30% to mid 30s. To be able to find a low COI of below 30%, a breeder needs to focus its research and mix European working lines with European show-lines. or American lines with European lines.
This also means in a breeding puppies will go a mix of features from their different looking/working parents. they could either have their large European look, or smaller working line or American lines. same diversity applies to their working ability, etc.

Just focusing on Low COI is not the right approach for everyone. If you are to invest tens of thousands of dollars and time to compete in shows, or working competitions it may not be to you advantage to just focus of Low COI.  there are many other factors to consider.


Photo of 3 Siblings of 25% COI with different appearance.

Vancouver European Doberman

Red Female in the photo. (@bossthedoberman)
Large body, wide face, large bone structure

European doberman

Large body, wide face, large bone structure

Shiva Vancouver Doberman

Medium/large body, medium face, large bone structure

Black female Doberman BC

Medium/Small body, Smaller narrower face, Narrow bone structure

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