Police and military use German shepherds mostly instead of Doberman breed. This does not make German shepherds any smarter than Dobermans. the reason lies within the following points:

  • Dobermans started falling out of favor as Police and military working dogs before show breeders started to enhance their temperament to what is seen today.
  • Dobermans do not do well in extreme temperatures – German shepherds have a better coat to help them in cold weather.
  • Dobermans are a thinking breed. They do reason for their actions. For example, If they run into an issue, the next time they try a different approach. whereas German shepherds always act as they are rained. Doberman tries to find a faster way to get to his destinations, whereas GSD follows the instruction that was given or the way that was though to go from. This makes GSD, more predictable. GSD are good foot soldiers – you can drill them and they will follow orders. Dobermans reason things out and question what is the safest way to proceed.
  • Dobermans mature after age 2.5 ~ 3. and are ready to be used as working dogs.
  • Doberman is very smart and they have to have a true bond. A GSD does what he was trained to do. Dobermans can change handlers but it takes them longer to bond and become a team with the new person. When it is bonded they are by far superior to the GSD ( just my opinion). It is easier to change handlers for German shepherds. so they will be more suited for work situations when a handler could change every few months or year.

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