Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully. it prevents misunderstandings and explains the seller and buyer obligations / expectations.
Unfortunately, not everything works as you read on the internet, our terms and conditions are set with the following in mind.
– Breeding Ethics.
– Anima Control Bylaws
– Kennel Bylaws set by Municipalities
– Finances needed to pay for our breeding program
– Our insurer and our landlord Insurer requirements.
– Landlord requirement for leasing the space we are using.
We try to be flexible and help the owners, however due to finances, and legal requirements we have very limited resources.

Ex: I can no-longer keep my 6 months old puppy. Can I return it? Having that older puppy in our kennel is against our local animal laws. as a responsible breeder I try my best to match you with a suitable home for your dog, but it may take a while to find a home for older dogs.

Health Guarantee

To the best of Seller’s knowledge, the animal sold above is free of signs or symptoms of communicable diseases. (Parvo, Bordetella, Distemper and Hepatitis) or congenital defects as of date the animal leaves the Seller. If the animal, within 72 hrs (3 days) after buyer takes possession, is found by a licenced veterinarian to have one or more of the communicable diseases mentioned above (internal/external parasite, skin ailments and allergies excluded) you must notify us with a written statement from your licensed veterinarian. Failure to return a written report within 24 hours of exam invalidates this contract. The buyer shall then have the option of returning the animal, uninjured or unharmed, within 5 days of when the animal was received by Buyer. We are not be responsible under any circumstances for any veterinary (or other) bill incurred by the buyer. All transportation charges are to be paid by Buyer including those incurred if the Doberman is returned. The animal is guaranteed until the age of     2     years against hereditary and congenital disorders, DCM and Cancer. This contract does not cover any incidents, accidents or death that happens during medical procedures such as surgeries. I recommend doing a full blood panel (test) before any surgery in-case anything happens to your pet. It will help prevent mistakes and find our if your veterinarian was responsible for drug overdose or any other mistakes, more importantly it helps save your pets life if there is anything else is going on before performing medical procedures. Absolutely no structured exercise until 10 months when joints are properly seated and ready for that workload. All animals especially young animals may swallow objects in the environment, be careful to remove small objects from their environment. Signs of blockage appears with in few hours after digestion. If you have any sign of blockage for your pet after 15 hours of taking possession of you animal, it is your responsibility to seek help from a licensed veterinarian. On average it takes about 7 ~ 10 hours for food to pass through their system. Blockage symptoms show up well before 10 hours needed for digestion. Usually, animals are fed a few hours before they leave our facility. Should your animal be diagnosed, by a licensed veterinarian, with a life-threatening hereditary or congenital disorder within the guarantee period you must supply Seller with your veterinarian’s written report within 7 days of diagnosis. We reserve the right to have any diagnosis verified by a veterinarian of our choice. Your animal will then be replaced by an animal from a current or subsequent litter. All the transportation and alteration fees charges including (cropping and docking fees) for the replacement animal are to be paid by the buyer. * (We do not support or accept any documents from PETA vets, as they have been found to write misleading/biased information to discourage people from working with any breeder even reputable ones. Please use a Licenced vet of your choice that does not work with/for PETA for best advice and feedback on your puppy’s health). majority of vets are not working with PETA. This health warranty is only valid as long as we are breeding our dogs. The health guarantee is transferable if the animal is re-homed or changes ownership.

A Health guarantee is not a health insurance. I recommend new owners to purchase a health insurance.

Pickup Date

Unless its arranged, agreed in writing in advance the animal must be picked up by buyer within one week from when animal is 8 weeks of age for natural ears or two weeks after cropping surgery, or by shipping date, otherwise a kennel fee of $70 CAD /night to look after the animal. The animal will be held until pickup date if a deposit has been received.

Deposits and Refunds of Deposits

Deposits are 100% refundable until 1 week before animal is born. Deposit is 50% refundable less any transaction fees occurred until the animal starting their 14 days of age (2 weeks old) , Deposits are not refundable after animal is older than 2 weeks (14 days) of age. Deposit is non-refundable once the animal is booked for cropping/docking.
Deposits will be deducted from the total purchase price or is transferable to a future litter (will be none refundable if transferred). 

Returns and Refunds

We understand that in some situations such as family member having pet allergies, or other unforeseen circumstances the new owner may not be able to keep their animal. We do not have any refund however we can rehome your animal for you if returned within 4 days from when you take possession of the animal if the animal is less than 3 months of age.  we need to make sure we rehome them before 4 months of age, due to city bylaws, so we do not have any exceptions.
Because of the exposure they had with the outside word, viruses, parasites, and bacteria, if a puppy is returned, we need to send them to an offsite place for a minimum of 10 days. This step is required as we usually have unvaccinated puppies on site and it has to be done by our trusted pet sitter that follows our guidelines for quarantine. Our pet sitters charge around $80 CAD + GST per night. If within these 10 days we find a new home for them we will rehome the puppy conditionally, if no diseases occur, we refund the puppy price less any fees used for pet sitter, and rehoming fees. If the animal is in distress and/or have sign of nongenetic disease that are not covered by our health guarantee or accidents, the current owner is responsible for its medical costs and quarantine. After the quarantine period is over, the animal will stay with us free of charge until we find a new owner. we may sell it at a reduced discount to make sure we can find a proper home for them before they get older (city bylaws does not allow us to keep older puppies). we will refund the rehoming sale price less quarantine fee + anything we spend for food and advertisements to rehome the puppy.

If you keep the puppy until rehoming, we refer clients to you and you don’t have to pay any quarantine fees. you can set your own rehoming fee for the dog.

Because of City bylaws and our kennel limits we won’t be able to hold puppies that are older than 4 months of age. If you are adopting an older puppy, take that into consideration. you will have to hold the puppy until we (seller) or you (buyer) find a new home for them.

Any medical attention that is needed during rehoming period whether the animal stays with seller or buyer is responsibility of the buyer. EXCEPT if it is included in the health guarantee.

There are no return for older/ adult dogs. we will refer potential home (clients) for your pets.

Untrained, or intact animals are extremely hard to rehome. We encourage every owner to start training early and be firm with their dogs specially with their male dogs. 

Transaction fees and bank fees will be deducted from refunds.   for email transfer within Canada its approximately $10. our bank charges % to deposit cash. For international, it is a case by case.

International refunds: we refund any money that we receive in local currency. there will be a bit of difference in exchange rate from you payment date and refund date.

Emergency Fund

We recommend the buyer to set aside an emergency fund for your dog’s medical needs. You can reduce your emergency funds by obtaining a health insurance. 

Spay / Neutering

For a city living style and dogs and owners enjoying dog parks and common places, i recommend neutering male dogs at early age before they start becoming mature. ( 6 ~ 7  months of age). intact males have territory and may not do well with other dogs. if your dog is staying on a farm or will be a forever house dogs keeping them intact until their body is fully developed ( 2 years of age) is healthier for them, however it can be challenging for non-experienced or soft owners to keep an intact dog.

None Breeding / Pet only

Our goal is to produce healthy animals, and with such a goal we are strict about breeding practices when it comes to our animals. The animal sold is for pet purpose only and shall not be bred. Buyer must pay seller $30,000 in damages each time the animal in this contract is bred intentionally or by accident without Seller’s permission. Buyer is responsible to any legal fees that may cost the seller to enforce this none breeding agreement. For our animals that are part of a Kennel Club Organization such as CKC or AKC, we require the buyer to sign and pay a none-breeding agreement with that kennel club. (CKC = The Canadian Kennel Club, AKC = American Kennel Club, FCI, etc.)


We highly recommend all new owners to take and finish minimum of one (1) full obedience course before puppy is 6 months of ages with a recognized trainer. The obedience training should be started no later than when the puppy starts its 5 months of age. I recommend kindergarten level training at 3 months of age. And obedience at 4 months of age. I do post basic training online for you to follow, so buyer do not fall behind when they are waiting for their puppy to receive at least 2 boosters. However, that does not substitute for a good in person training with a competent trainer.  You pick your own trainer; you are not required to take your training with us. This will make your time with your dog more enjoyable for many years to come.


We are a hobby kennel. We don't accept walk-ins.