Dogs are puppies are ideal host to parasites and worms. Puppies can easily get infected with worms.  The type of works that are common for dogs and puppies are:

  • Tapeworms
  • roundworms
  • hookworms
  • whipworms
  • Heartworms

 Heartworms can cause serious problems including death of your 4 legged friend.

How we deworm our puppies

Puppies are dewormed 3 times before they are 8 weeks old. we start the deworming around week 3 and continue it every 2 weeks.

The medicine we used is called: fenbendazole 200 MG/ML

The amount we feed our puppy every day in a row for 3 days is:

For every 100-gram body weight puppies are fed 0.025 CC., for example, a 2 kg puppy is fed 0.5 CC, and a 2.2 KG puppy is fed 0.55 CC of fenbendazole.

NOTE: please consult your vet, they will give you professional advice on ho much deworming is needed. The  numbers stated above is based on our experience of working with vets.


Doberman Puppy Deworming by Fenbendazole

Due to increased cost and to be able to keep up with our breeding program, we are increasing our prices by minimum of 15% starting Aug 2021.