Interested in one of our puppies ?

Fill out our puppy Questionnaires and email it to us. or email us directly with a brief information about yourself. 
Our puppies do not go home based on a first come first served. We pick people that we feel our puppies will do best with.
We have black and red males available to go home for 2020.  ( Natural Tail and Ears) 25% inbreeding (COI) $3000

For early 2021 litter all black males and females are reserved. potential reservation for red male and female. 35% COI. 

Applications are reviewed around 2 time a month. It may take us one or two months before we confirm your application as we compare with other applicants. If we do not select you, we will let you know with in 2 weeks. those that are selected will be further reviewed against other applicants.


Our puppies are cropped in Alberta, If you want your puppy natural, please reserve before they are born. We reserve their cropping with our vet in Alberta when puppies are born.

Coefficient of inbreeding. COI

COI ( Coefficient of inbreeding) directly relates to longevity and well-being of dogs.
Deceases such as Cancer and  DCM are directly related to COI.
90% of dobermans ( average COI of ~42-45% for the breed ) only live to 7 years. 


How often we breed

We breed depending on health and condition of our breeding dogs.
normally from 3rd heat ( 2 years old) until they are 5 ~ 7 years old, and then they will retire.

October 2018

European Doberman Litter

In our late 2018 litter, we had 8 beautiful, smart and loyal doberman puppies.

  • 2 Black Male
  • 1 Red Male
  • 2 Black Female
  • 3 Red Female

All puppies found their forever homes.


Summer 2019 Litter

Smart beautiful puppies available for reservation

Ready to reserve your next doberman