We usually keep a few puppies ( 20% of the puppies) back from each litter for our own research and breeding program so the number of puppies available each year is limited. Most of the puppies we keep for ourselves stay with their loving forever host families.

Our Health guaranty depends on puppies COI. Coefficient of Inbreeding).

Deposit: Reservation/Waitlist deposit is $560 CAD for Canadians or 500 USD for internationals, and is 100% refundable less any transaction fees occurred until the animal is starting their 28 days of age and will be deducted from the total purchase price or is transferable to a future litter. Deposit is none-refundable once the animal is booked for special cropping. Request to transfer to the next litter must be submitted in writing on or before the puppy is 28 days of age.

Cropping Cost: cropping cost includes transfer of puppies to the USA for cropping. Cropping surgery and medications. Two set of stitch removals in Canada. Posting materials for 6 months of posting.

USA (Washington) Residence:  Can pick up in person or we can meet in Washington at the time of cropping.

Taxes: We charge 12% GST+PST sales tax on our Canadian sales. 

Most of our customers are international and we charge in (USD) United States Dollar. Prices are based on 0.80 Conversion rate between CAD and USD. We will update our prices if at the time of payment exchange rate changes is +/- 5 point from the rate at which it was calculated.

Payment Methods: due to some people reversing payment of PayPal or credit cards, We only accept Cash, Check (Cheque) ( at least 1.5 month before puppy is picked up so it can clear in our account), EMT for Canadian customers, Direct bank transfer. we accept PayPal Friend and family transfer for deposits.

Our Puppies are priced based on their DNA inbreeding level.

The lower the COI number the harder it is to breed. and the more likely they have a better longevity. scroll down for list of approximate prices per COI group, we reserve the right to change the prices at any time without notice. Please contact for exact litter pricing.

our starting prices: Higher COIs are cheaper , Lower COI breeding’s are more expensive.

Red Female:  $2000 ~ 2500 CAD
Red Male, Black Female:  $2500 ~ 3500 CAD
Black Males:  $3000 ~ $4500
Fawn and Blue price is based on each litter. (Very rare for us, as we mostly breed with European blood lines)

Cropping/Docking: $1600 USD (includes aftercare, medication, posting materials). Customers picking up from Washington (WA) can opt to pay less for cropping ($1200 USD) if they pick up their puppies after cropping in WA, you will be responsible to arrange with a local veterinarian in USA for stitch removals, and after care help. We will be available to help you over the phone if you have any questions. Posting material will be included for our Washington cropping customers)
Temporarily because of pandemic situation with border and croppers being really busy our cropping cost is higher. $3000 CAD without posting materials.

For our CKC registered litters we charge $1000 admin fees, which includes the cost of legal none-breeding contract.
All puppies are for pet only.
1 year health guarantee is standard with our puppies.
We ship worldwide, only to direct flight destinations from Vancouver international (YVR) airport or Abbotsford International Airport (YXX)
We try to hand deliver our puppies to BC, Alberta and Washington or meet in between, when possible. (Travel cost added for more than 2 hour drive from us)


ObediEnce Training is Mandatory.

Before we release our puppies to their new owners, we require you to have registered for an obedience training class for them. The training must be with a reputable trainer with a track record that we can check. A good training program will reduce the chance of puppy needing to be rehomed, and increases the bond between owner and the puppy. It will also make your pet ownership a more pleasant experience.


We are a hobby kennel. We don't accept walk-ins. Our average reply time for phone/email is around 2 months sometimes longer.